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In July 2005, Ronald Hansen opened Hansen's Meat Shop.

Ron had worked as a meat cutter for over 20 years, when he finally decided to open his own place in the heart of New Denmark

- his hometown.

The store's variety of meat has been a big hit from the start, especially the Danish sausage which many people travel far to get the chance to enjoy.

In 2015, the store expanded with a kitchen that sells the most delicious fried chicken. And soon thereafter, pizza was added to the menu.

The store experiences great support from the local community, and we are so grateful to see both familiar and new faces every day.

Featured on TV

As a tradition during the Summer, Ron hosts a barbecue in front of the store every Friday.

This has even been televised on the show "Still Standing" as you can see in the video.

It's always a great success with people coming from all over Canada to join the fun!

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