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Hansen’s Meat Shop’s



Please note that this is a living document and is subject to changes at anytime to make for a safer operation and to keep everybody as safe as possible in these unknown times of crisis.


Guidelines and improvements made for the safety of our people (employees and customers)

  • PlexiGlass Barriers installed between cashier and customer

  • Hand Sanitizer and wipes available at entry for sanitation of hands

  • Staff are to sanitize hands between clients

  • Debit machine and ATM are sanitized after every use

  • Handles, door knobs, gas pumps, washrooms, counters and other surfaces are sanitized at least twice a day, often more

  • Signage and posters, as well as Facebook posts are valid and are posted in places that the public can educate themselves on the rules that have been put in place in both the store itself, as well as public health regulations

  • Directional arrows have been put in place to direct customers and avoid clustering in the store

  • Take out orders only, clients are asked to call ahead of time, and are to wait in their cars until their food is ready

  • According to public health regulations, masks are to be worn at all times, and need to be covering the mouth as well as the nose

  • Masks are provided to customers if they do not have one

  • Limited number of customers allowed in the store at one time and are to be spaced 6 feet apart when possible

  • We recommend that you shop alone if possible (one person of your family can come in the store at a time)

We thank everyone for your cooperation.

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